Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit: Clothing. Buy Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit and other Sweaters at . Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns.. 100% Acrylic 。 Imported 。 Button closure 。 Fastens with three buttons 。 Despatched the same day if order received before 12pm Mon - Fri (exc Bank holidays) 。 Shipped from the UK, please allow approximately 10 days for delivery 。 Product details Item model number : BEE006 。 Department : Baby-girls 。 Date First Available : December 6, 201 。 Manufacturer : BabyPrem 。 ASIN : B07L5PBWT 。 This is a lovely traditional baby's cable knit cardigan which fastens with 3 buttons down the front. It is a quality garment, made from 100% acrylic and machine washable at 0 degrees. All orders received before 12pm Mon to Fri are despatched the same day (except Bank Holidays). Available in sizes 0-6 months Length 25cm / 10", chest 23cm / 9", 6-12 months Length 2cm / 11", chest 25cm / 10" and 12-1 months Length 30cm / 12", chest 2cm / 11" (Sizes are approximate). Available in blue or white. 。 。 。

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit
Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit,Baby Cardigan Cable Knit Babyprem, Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns,Buy Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit and other Sweaters at , Authentic goods are sold online Free Delivery & Gift Wrapping Absolutely Price to value We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee at its best. Knit Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable.

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit
Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit


Double Eyelid is the most common feature that are extremely popular among asians, because many of them do not have double eyelid creases. Why fret, when there are accredited plastic surgeons available in Singapore who can create natural looking double eyelids with the procedure called Blepharoplasty, which by the way, has gotten even more popularity among asians because anyone can now have a bigger, brighter and more youthful eyes.


About Us

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in Singapore.

Double Eyelid Creation

Non-Incision Double Eyelid surgery is effectively carried out using the stitching method and is suitable for most people. With a technique that initially evolved from “DST” (double suture and twisted technique), the technique has been modified for a longer lasting and crease with more secure anchor points (triple suture method, TST).
 This procedure often help people to achieve bigger and more lively looking eyes, or even correct any asymmetry to achieve a more perfect looking eyelid shape. The average age for double eyelid surgery in Singapore is between 20-30 years old.

Differences between Incision and Non-Incision Double Eyelid Creation

The suitability condition for DST must be met and assessed. Every individual is different.

Incision Double Eyelid Creation
(Open Blepharoplasty)

Cutting of the eyelid skin, exposing and removing portion of the underlying structures such as the muscle and fats.
Repositioning of some of the lid elevating muscles is usually required.

Risk of complications is higher compared to DST. Scar will fade to a thin line. When closing of eyes, you may see a crease line for some people.
Downtime in open blepharoplasty is significantly longer than its counterpart suturing methods due to the innate nature of being an invasive surgery with cutting and removal of eyelid structures.

This procedure is Not Reversible. Permenent.

Suitable for candidates with:

  • Very fat eyelids. Good indication would be using sticky eyelid tapes. Candidate cannot form the creases with sticky tapes.
  • Ptosis and double eyelid creation at the same time with ptosis correction.

Performed under sedation

Non-incision Double Eyelid Creation

(Triple Suture and Twist Technique-TST)

No cutting of eyelids is required. Modified techniques with more secured suture points for long-lasting results.

No invasive surgery is required.

Less complications compared to Open Blepharoplasty. Scarless on the exterior skin. No dots or suture points can be seen as it fades over time. Better for fine adjustment of crease height and asymmetry.

Lower downtime.

About 2-3 days of swelling and slight bruising.

Suture points do not snap easily unless eyelids are rubbed hard.

Using makeup remover or applying facial products do not snap the suture points.

Reversible procedure to remove the stitches. Suture have 1% of rupture possibility. However, technique has been modified, rupture rate is significantly decreased compared to non-modified method.

As good as permanent.

Suitable for candidates with:

  • Absence of upper eyelid crease
  • Unilateral upper eyelid crease
  • Asymmetrical upper eyelid crease
  • Hidden upper eyelid crease
  • Droopy upper eyelid crease
  • Faint upper eyelid crease

Cost and Mode of Payment

Consultation charges in Singapore ranges from $120-200. This fee is usually waived off if you decide to carry on with the surgery - you may make this request.

The price for Korean Style Double Eyelid Creation(Scarless) procedure ranges from $2800 - $4000, depending on the doctor and clinic you pick. GST is dependent on the clinic.

The price for Open Blepharoplasty starts from $3800 if you prefer this method.

Some clinics charge a small day surgery fee of about $500.

The subsequent reviews and basic medications may be chargeable based on the clinic chosen.
Smiling young asian businessowoman


Commonly Asked Questions About Double Eyelid
These are some of the commonly asked questions from patients (information collated from various websites):
Asian Businesswoman Using Pad

My left eye has got the double eyelid, while the other one has monolid. Can you just charge for one eye?

When performing double eyelid creation, the doctor normally looks at:

1) the height of the crease to balance on your left eye
2) The possibility of increasing the crease on both sides for a more prominent look
3) the folds of the crease to create the symmetry
4) the consistency of the crease depth and many more…

There are usually no separate charges for one eye. Doctors have to look at the symmetry, skin condition, muscle roll, and mark your left eye according to the right eye's crease height.

May i also know how long is the recovery period?

During the first 3 days post-surgery, your eyes would face some bruising and swelling. Most patients return to work on day 3 from the surgery date. There are patients who return to work immediately the next day with a pair of glasses. By day 7, most of them are happy with the results. It all depends on the individual. A rough estimate is that the swelling comes down by 70% at a week.

During the recovery period, can one enter into school or fully rest at home during the recovery period?

There is no restriction to where you like to go. Avoid strenuous activities for the first 3 days to prevent aggravating swelling to the eye area. Please avoid alcohol during this time.

If i opt to operate on both eyes, will the double eyelid formed another crease? Or just merged into one?

It depends on your current double eyelid crease. As mentioned, the factors above would determine how the crease would form. This will require an assessment on a face to face session. Please consult with a doctor.

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

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Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

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Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit

Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns,Buy Babyprem Baby Cardigan Cable Knit and other Sweaters at , Authentic goods are sold online Free Delivery & Gift Wrapping Absolutely Price to value We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee at its best.