Here are some very common mistakes that first timers make. I made some myself. The best way to avoid these is to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Not Consulting Multiple Doctors


Different doctors will have different opinions. You want to make sure all of them say it is safe and ok for you to proceed before you do it. Listen carefully to how each doctor explains his method and what they recommend. You’re looking for a general consensus among the majority of the doctors you consult.


price tags

You’re playing with your body here and the results are permanent. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t fuck around. Don’t go for the cheapest. Go for the best YOU CAN AFFORD. If that shady $500 doctor from Indonesia with no real track record (no offense) is the best you can afford, then my advice is DON’T DO IT. Go for a surgeon who has performed this surgery successfully multiple times. You can check out Dr Shens from Shens Clinic – Korea Trained Plastic Surgery. Not only is he experienced, he’s also charging the lowest for this surgery in Singapore for now. Prices might go up soon but it’s now only $2600 or so. He has done many ops before and my friends and I all had our stuff done with him without any problems.


Once again, this relates to cost. I personally will choose to do most operations in Singapore if I can find a qualified surgeon here. It’s harder to find very experienced rhinoplasty or jaw implant surgeons here, but we have quite a few experienced double-eyelids surgeons here. The main reason for this is post-op checks and reviews. One of my friends had her double-eyelid surgery in Thailand botched. She couldn’t find the doctor when she went back and has to walk around looking like a goldfish until she can do a surgery to fix it. Another friend did her epicantoplasty in Korea and when she came back, she kept feeling like her left eye vision was a bit blur. She wasn’t sure if it’s a natural result of the surgery and she couldn’t go back to check. In the end, she had to pay extra to have it checked by a local surgeon. I’ve also encountered post-surgery issues twice. You won’t understand HOW GLAD YOU WILL BE that your doctor is just a call away and you can meet him on the same day. When something looks wrong with your face and you’re very worried, the LAST thing you want to do is to plan your leave and a trip to another country. The stress involved just isn’t worth it. Trust me on this.


You know how you can tell with one look that certain girls did plastic surgery? They’re still beautiful, no doubt. And if that floats your boat, please go ahead. But if you’re like me, and want to look beautiful AND natural, then listen to your doctor’s advice. Certain features and traits are not natural in Singaporeans. Unless you are mixed blood or something, if you have those traits, people can tell with 1 look you’re plastic. One example is the Asian eyelid fold vs the Caucasian eyelid fold. Though, that said, at the end of the day, your happiness is what counts.