double eyelids

The good

Getting double eyelids actually has more positives than you have imagined. First of all, it is fast and painless. The whole thing is done in about twenty minutes and you won‘t feel anything since you will be put under anesthesia. In most cases, the recovery term is also not associated with any types of strong pain or discomfort. What else? Well, this is a quite ordinary surgery to perform, which makes it not so expensive. It will most likely suit your budget. And the results will be just excellent. You can feel them when putting your eye makeup. This daily action will be easier and quicker than ever.

The bad

Of course, like all procedures, this one also has some negative sides that you should know. It is really nothing to be afraid of. Your eyelids might just feel a little tight in the first couple of days. So, you‘ll instinctively look down most of the time. But that is something very common. After all, you are not born with double eyelids and you cannot feel them natural to your body from the beginning. But in time you will get entirely accustomed to them and the unpleasant sense will disappear.

The ugly

Do not let the price to be the key factor when choosing a specialist for this procedure. A lot of people who pick the cheapest option, later receive really terrible results and serious face damages. Remember that the process refers to your body and your health. You do not want to make any compromises with them, do you? Well then, look for a doctor that knows his job very well. There are many factors to help you choose the right one. The strong reputation, the major experience, the good reviews. The location is also important – countries and states with high healthcare standards and regulations are certainly a reliable choice. Of course, the best option will be to find a friend who has done this procedure. That way you will not only get a trustful opinion but will also see the effect on his face. Because you know what people say, better safe than sorry…