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It wasn’t too long ago that I couldn’t find many before/after photos of Singaporeans who have done korean double eyelid surgery. It started with Yuki’s blog, which was in Chinese, so not everyone understood. From there, just searching for before/after photos and typing in that same clinic name shows up 2-3 proper results on Google!

Here’s one of the newer blogs I managed to find (credit goes to user xxvalentines thanks!)

korean double eyelid before and after

Let me know if any of you find more such links. I think it’s a good way to not only help others understand what happens during the process, but also we can use it to compare the before/after results and the surgeon’s skills. At the end of the day, this website is only a neutral resource, it will still be the safest to go seek multiple doctors for consultation.

Double Eyelids Non-Incision Surgery (Diana Ong) - Part 01

Blogger, Diana Ong, felt thrilled to undergo the Korean-style Double eyelids procedure at Shens Clinic - Korea Trained Plastic Surgery by her most trusted doctor, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu (Dr. Shens) Soon, it was her turn. She was brought into the room by the nurse for a quick discussion on how she wants her eyelids to be done. There are 2 types of common eyelids; either tapered or parallel. Here’s what it is supposed to be;

eyelid types

Types of common eyelids

As her original eyelids were parallel, thus she decided to go for the same look to look natural. After the decision has been made, the nurse used a surgical marking stick and dotted lines with a pen on her lids, showing the final looks. Those markings are used for Dr Shens’s reference.

preparation for double eyelid

Nurse doing marking, showing how her final looks will be.

After the marking, she was then ushered to the theatre to meet Dr Shens. There he was, always with a smile, assuring that all will be well!

korean double eyelid surgery

In the operating theatre.

The whole process took no more than 20 minutes. Before she knew it, it was all done. Ice packs was then put on her eyes to ease the swelling and she was out within 5 minutes. Well, according to her, there was really no pain felt during the process but the only setback was the local anesthesia jabs (2 in total for each eye). It was really uncomfortable but no pain no gain right?

After the surgery, patient is advised not to put on contact lens and eye makeup for at least the next 2 weeks and expected to swell the next few days. As to reduce the swell, additional medicine was prescribed.


Double Eyelids Non-Incision Surgery (Diana Ong) - Part 02

She uses "AMAZING" to describe her recovery for the Non-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery! The swelling went down pretty fast and she is able to go back to work on after the fourth day! She was advised not to consume seafood, NO makeup and NO contact lens for 7 days and that's it. And so, here's her recovery process:

asian woman before double eyelid surgery

Before the surgery

before and after double eyelid surgery

Recover process from Day 1 to Day 7

double eyelid Recovery Day 7

Day 7, with light make-up and filters.  - Still experiencing slight swell in between the eyelids

"A few friends asked, why do I choose to do it in Singapore and not Korea? The answer is pretty obvious. There are equally good doctors in Singapore. Well the cost could be higher as compared but c'mon, that's excludes your airfares and accommodation in Korea. Most importantly, should there be any emergency, he is less than 30 minutes away from you. Lastly, I can still be with my love ones while recuperating." - Diana Ong

2 weeks after double eyelid surgery

2 Weeks after surgery

3 weeks after double eyelid surgery

3 Weeks after surgery

3 weeks after double eyelid surgery

3 Weeks after surgery

The procedure:

A Non-Incisional method done at Shens Clinic - Korea Trained Plastic Surgery by Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu. This is a sophisticated version of the traditional stitching method, meaning it is more secure. Dr Shens has been trained in Korea thus you are definitely in good hands by the most advanced plastic surgery techniques.

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