February 5, 2021
How Long Does Suture Double Eyelid Last

Have you got those loose eyelids that make your eyes look smaller? Or maybe you have monolids and your eyelid fold lack at all? Well, you are not alone. Around half of the Asian population have the same problem. These people don't have a defined crease on the upper eyelid or their crease is just […]

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January 21, 2021
Does Double Eyelid Tape Work Permanently?

Eyelid tapes and glues are widely used products for both to create a double eyelid crease and to lift up droopy eyelids without having surgery. For some reason, those items are very popular among young Asian girls. For those of you who are not familiar with these beauty items, eyelid tapes are silicone strips that […]

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January 12, 2021
The 5 Best Double Eyelid Surgery Clinics in Singapore

Everyone wants to look good - it makes us happier and opens many doors for us. And this is the main reason for the great popularity of plastic surgery. Today, more and more people are considering operation and looking for the best clinics and surgeons to do it. Undoubtedly, one of the most requested and […]

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December 8, 2020
Inner Double Eyelid - Surgery or Makeup, What is it?

Double eyelid is a topic that excites most people of Asian descent. It is about the peculiarities of the structure of the muscles and area around the eye. The main characteristic of the double eyelid is a crease located on the upper lids that many Asians do not own one. Often instead of this crease, […]

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November 13, 2020
How to Get Korean Eyes Naturally - Makeup, Tape and More

Are you interested in health and beauty? Do you follow all the trends in the beauty business and admire bloggers, vloggers and beauty gurus who try different products and make up every day? Then there is no way, you have not come across information about K-beauty, k-pop, double eyelid surgery and different Koran makeup tutorials. […]

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November 2, 2020
Korean Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time

Surprisingly or not, blepharoplasty aka double eyelid surgery is among the most common and most desired cosmetic surgical interventions in Singapore. This correction aims to make the eyes rounder and to create a fold on the upper lids. The effect of double eyelids is achieved by cutting a small part of the surface of the […]

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October 19, 2020
Various Types of Double Eyelids

The eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of our face. Their size and colours are different for everyone and we all have unique and interesting eyes. Also, different people can have various types of eye shapes depending on where are their creases. And of course, there is a beauty in that diversity. Table […]

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October 8, 2020
Why is the double eyelid surgery so popular in Singapore?

Statistics claim that over the past decade in Singapore, South Korea, China and Japan, plastic surgery has become very popular. Residents of Asian countries are increasingly taking advantage of the services of plastic surgeons. In Singapore each year, the number of performed surgeries for correcting the appearance is growing exponentially, and a large number of […]

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September 15, 2020
Xanthelasma Removal Singapore - Surgery Clinic, Types of Treatments, Cost

It’s very likely that up until this point you haven’t heard of xanthelasma. It sounds scary but it’s one of the generally common skin conditions around the eyes that doesn’t hold huge health risks. Xanthelasma (also called xanthelasma palpebrarum) may look like small yellowish patches on the upper eyelids. A lot of people connect those […]

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September 8, 2020
Single Eyelid vs Double Eyelid Singapore - Difference Between Monolid and Double eyelids

Through the eyes, we receive almost all of the information about the world around us. They are also one of the parts that make the first impression of us. Normally, we all have the same eyes structure. However, it is difficult to find people with completely identical eyes. At different times, fashion and celebrities dictate […]

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