Various Types of Double Eyelids

The eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of our face. Their size and colours are different for everyone and we all have unique and interesting eyes. Also, different people can have various types of eye shapes depending on where are their creases. And of course, there is a beauty in that diversity.

What is an eyelid crease?

The crease is the area on your eye where the fold is found. Some people have higher crease areas, other people don't have a crease at all. It really depends on your eye type. The eyelid crease is often confused with the brow bone area. It is because many people have their crease area that actually coincides with the eye socket or under the brow bone area. However, that's not the case for everyone.

Caucasian double eyelids vs. Asian double eyelids

asian girl with single eyelids

Asian people usually have small eyelids with less visible crease or without any crease. About 90% of East Asians have epicanthic fold which is a skin fold of the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner. And about 75 % of Korean people have no crease. That can make the eyes look smaller, slanted and often monolids.

Unlike Asians, caucasian people usually have a well-defined crease on the eyelids and epicanthic fold is rare. Their eyes are most likely to look more open and bigger.

In fact, the size of the Asian eyes does not differ from that of the other races. This "contraction" is due to the fold of the upper eyelid. Unlike European eyes, Asian eyes have a layer of fat on the eyelids that gives the impression of some swelling of the eyes. That is one of the main reason double eyelid surgery to be so popular in Singaporean and the other Asian countries.

5 types of Asian eyelids

Though there are some people who hold the stereotypical notion that all Asian eye somehow all look the same, nothing is further from the truth. In reality, the eyelids have a variety of unique characteristics in every individual of Asian descent. Here are some of the types:

  1. This kinds of eyelids are typical for Asian people. They are distinguished by this that the eyelid has no fold in it at all so there is no crease. This is one of the main reason why most Asian eyes look smaller.
  2. Partial eyelid crease. The main characteristic of this type of eyelids is that they have a crease but it is not well-defined. That's usually acquired through age. As you get older the crease of your eyes drops and it starts to cover the lids. Partial eyelids have a small crease which is close to the lash line. There is a very small visible area underneath the fold. This is very predominantly found in Asian culture but you can see this represented in many European eyes as well. Because this eyelid shape is different many Asian undergo a surgery to make their eyes look more flattering.
  3. Multiple creases. This type of double eyelids is where you can see multiple creases on your lids. Often these folds are accompanied by excess skin. Multiple creases can occur due to the weakening of the connection between skin and muscle that gives a defined crease. This condition can be successfully correct by non-incisional blepharoplasty.
  4. Tapered eyelid. There are two types of tapered eyelids. If the crease is more visible in the outer edge but tapers into a single in the inner corner it is called nasally tapered and this is very common for East Asians. If the platform is wider than the central part it is called a lateral flare.
  5. Parallel eyelid crease. This is when the crease is parallel with the lid line. These kind of eyelids are very popular among Korean and Singaporean. They can make the eyes look brighter and bigger. Many Asian people undergo double eyelid surgery in order to get parallel eyelid crease.

Can your eyelids change over time?

Yes your eyes can change with time and some of the reasons for that can be:

  • age - with age, the skin in the eye area loses its elasticity and begins to shrink;
  • allergic reactions that may occur after consuming an allergen in food or when applying allergen-containing products to the face;
  • fatigue, lack of sleep;
  • weight loss;
  • improper nutrition also leads to swelling of the face - this can happen after eating large amounts of salt, spices, soda;
  • bad habits - drinking alcohol and smoking speed up the ageing process and cause swelling.

Double eyelid surgery for better appearance

Double eyelid surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can create folds in the upper eyelid in people who have Asian eyes, small eyes and single eyelids. It significantly improves the appearance of the eyes as makes them look bigger and brighter.

Small eye types and monolids are considered physical characteristics that are not preferred by some Asian women, so they undergo double eyelid plastic surgery to have a more beautiful appearance. The upper crease of the eyelid creates the impression of wide open and expressive eyes. This procedure also makes it easier to apply makeup, such as eye shadow and mascara.

Double eyelid surgery or upper blepharoplasty involves the removal of a small amount of skin tissue and fat from the eyelids. The procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthetic as a day case. The surgical cutting line is hidden behind the folds of the new eyelid. In some cases, this operation is performed on both the upper and lower eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery is a very satisfactory procedure that produces a nice result.

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