Eyelid Real Life Example!

Happened to come across this blog post while I was surfing the net. I’m still not very comfortable with showing my face on the internet but this girl is ok!

Apparently, she’s quite a popular blogger but the website is in Chinese. The pictures do show the whole process though. I think I should especially highlight this part:double eyelid example

diy double eyelid example

The doctors can easily show you how you would look with double eyelid example, so you can decide how high a fold you want. Usually, higher folds look better on girls but it’s not always the case. So you look at yourself in the mirror and decide before you do.

Here are some before after pics of that same blogger. I think she did it with Dr Shens at Shens Clinic - Korea Trained Plastic Surgery too. I highly recommend his services for double eyelids. It was comfortable and easy!

before and after

before and after 2

You can see her full experience of scarless double eyelid surgery at her blog iamyuki.com/scarless-double-eyelid-surgery-cambridge-medical-pt-2.

Once again, it’s in Chinese but there will be very helpful to see what the process is like and how long the healing takes. Check it out!

*Thanks to user "kitty1981" who told me about the english version here https://www.waoblog.asia/uncategorized/scarless-double-fold-eyelids-and-medial-epicanthoplasty/

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