Good, bad, ugly

The double eyelid surgery is one of the biggest hits in plastic surgery across Asia. Every year more than a million people undergo the procedure across the world and it doesn’t seem like this trend would go away any time soon. A lot of people even try to make their eyes look wider using DYI methods such as tapes or eyelid glue. There are lots of reasons why people choose to get double eyelid surgery – to enhance their looks, to widen their eyes, or to prevent getting droopy eyelids.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s best to get as much information as possible before deciding to get a double eyelid crease (or any kind of plastic surgery really). In this article, we’re going to talk about all the pros and cons of double eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty).

The good

There are several advantages to double eyelids surgery. First, like any other surgery, it’s painless – the whole procedure is performed under general anaesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. It’s also quick – the surgery takes around 20 minutes (to 2 hours depending on the case). Most patients don’t get much discomfort even after the surgery. Downtime for double eyelid surgery is also pretty fast – most of the time patients recover for about two weeks after the procedure.
double eyelids

Another big advantage of the double eyelid surgery is that the techniques improve all the time. There are three main types of double eyelid surgery involving a non-incision, partial incision, and incisional methods – all of them coming with their separate pros and cons.

The non-incisional double eyelid surgery is great for patients who don’t want to go ahead with an incisional surgery. With the non-incision method, the risk of getting a scar is set to a minimum due to the fact that the double eyelid is created with sutures only. This technique also allows for less swelling.

The partial incision method, you can get a scar but keep in mind that it’s small and will fade easily. Also, this technique allows for removing fat from the eyelid during the procedure, which can be used elsewhere on the face.

The full incision method is very suitable for patients who have thicker eyelids and droopy eyelids. With the full incision method, patients can fix droopy eyelids easily.

What else? Well, this is quite ordinary surgery to perform, which makes it not so expensive. It will most likely suit your budget. And the results will be just excellent. You can feel them when putting your eye makeup. This daily action will be easier and quicker than ever.

The bad

After we’ve talked a lot about the pros of the double eyelid surgery, let’s delve a little further in the cons we well. Of course, like all procedures, this one also has some negative sides that you should know.

First and foremost, like most cosmetic surgeries, the results won’t be visible immediately. It will take a month or so to see the final results. The other negative you might expect are associated with surgeries in general – such as infections, scarring, or bruising. In rare cases, if done improperly the double eyelid surgery can lead to dry eyes, vision problems, or even temporary blindness (which patients usually regain in a day).

Of course, each double eyelid surgery techniques have negatives as well. Here’s what they are.

With the non-incision method, the results are not lifelong. The crease will last around 10 years but if you want to keep the results you’ll need another surgery. Also, the size of the eyelid crease will be limited too.

The partial incision can cause droopy eyelids in patients with severe blepharoptosis. Further, if you have very thick eyelids the crease may look unnatural.

With the full incision technique, the downtime will be longer compared to the other methods. Patients will feel swelling for around two weeks after the surgery. Sometimes the surgery itself may take a long time too.

The ugly

Besides all the medical risks and factors there some more important things to consider when deciding on double eyelid surgery. First off, having as much information as possible is key before making any big decision about your health. A lot of the risks associated with double eyelid surgery are due to …well, an inexperienced plastic surgeon. You must spend enough time researching and choosing a specialist who has at least 10 years of experience (and has specialized in eye surgery). Look for reviews online, ask your friends and family, look at board-certified surgeons and son on.

The price is another thing a lot of people don’t consider. When choosing a specialist, don’t go for the cheapest option because that can mean that the surgeon is inexperienced or that the facilities are not that great. We all know there isn’t any price tag on health so make sure to choose something that fits within your budget but is also realistic. Talk to your plastic surgeon in detail about the procedure and then decide for yourself.

Some final thoughts

Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures out there. Whether you decide to get it or not is a personal decision. If you want to get double eyelid surgery then go for it but keep in mind about all the pros and cons of this procedure. It's best to discuss them with your surgeon and they will give you advice on which option for the eyelid surgery to choose. All of them come with their specifics and they are appropriate for people with various needs and expectations. Make sure to research a lot and do what's best for you! We hope this article was helpful!

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