How Long Does Suture Double Eyelid Last

Have you got those loose eyelids that make your eyes look smaller? Or maybe you have monolids and your eyelid fold lack at all? Well, you are not alone. Around half of the Asian population have the same problem. These people don't have a defined crease on the upper eyelid or their crease is just missing. The eyelashes are kind of tucked under and wearing mascara and eyeliner is a pain because of the way the lid flipped over. That is why most of the Asian people are looking for different ways to correct their single eyelids and create an impressive double eyelid crease.

We guess you have heard about eyelid tape and that it's something that can "train" the eyes to get a double eyelid crease. If you’ve tried this product you probably realised it doesn’t work like that. In case you haven't tried it we recommend you not to do it. Apart from the fact that the double eyelid tape is not an effective long term solution, it also can be harmful to the delicate eyelid skin. The same goes for eyelid glue.

If you want a more efficient method that will last a long time but meanwhile you don't want to go under the knife and do a very invasive type of surgery to get double eyelids then we might have a solution for you. It is called double eyelid suturing and this is a super simple plastic surgery, it doesn't require cut on the line, you are in and out just for like 10-20 minutes and then you go home with beautiful double eyelids.

Are you interested in this aesthetic surgery? Here we will look a little closer at the non-incisional double eyelid suture technique (DST), how long the results last and how it is different from the cutting method. So keep reading!

Is non-incisional (suture) double eyelid surgery permanent?

The suture or non-incisional double eyelid surgery is not permanent but it can be long-lasting - according to researchers, the results may last over 10 years. However, there are some things that you need to know about this procedure.

The first and really important thing is the surgeon who is performing this operation. Suture techniques must be done correctly by experienced plastic surgeons. And this is essential not only for your results but also for your health.

Secondly, you need to carefully follow the instructions of your surgeon. You should be given those instructions during your consultation before your double eyelid surgery.

The next thing you need to understand is that as you get older your skin is changing - it relaxes and loses its elasticity. As a consequence, the crease height might begin to decrease or the created fold might be covered up by overhanging skin. However, it will take many many years to happen. Also, the duration of the procedure really depends on your skin type as well as what care you take to keep your skin healthy and shiny.

If this procedure is well performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and if you take good care for your skin, you can really enjoy your double eyelids for a long time.

How is a non-incisional double eyelid suture technique performed in Singapore?

Non-incisional double eyelid surgery or double eyelid suturing is a procedure where the plastic surgeon makes little openings on the upper eyelid and puts sutures in them. Those sutures engage the eyelid muscle to create a visible eyelid crease. It is simple plastic surgery and takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

A question that is on the mind of every patient is "Is this procedure painful?". Double eyelid suture technique is usually done under local anaesthesia that numbs the eyelid tissue so you literally don't feel any pain. In addition, this method of creating double eyelids is non-invasive and it doesn’t require any cutting to your eyelid skin. All the surgeon does is create points of stitching underneath the lid.

Stitching method gives very natural scarless results.

How much does non-incisional double eyelid surgery cost in Singapore?

In Singapore, non-incisional double eyelid surgery costs around $3000 and $4000. The price is usually influenced by many factors including the surgeon's experience and fees, the clinic, facility cost and so on. To get an accurate price for non-incisional double eyelid surgery it is best to book a consultation with the plastic surgeon you choose.

Am I a suitable candidate for double eyelid suturing?

  • Basically, if you don't have too much excess skin or fat on your eyelids and you prefer more natural and smaller double eyelid creases you will be a good candidate for double eyelid suturing.
  • If your single eyelids are too thick with fat this procedure probably will not work for you. Also, people who have puffy eyes, ptosis or sunken eyelid fat are not suitable for suture technique. In these cases, plastic surgeons recommend incision double eyelid surgery.
  • Non-incisional double eyelid surgery is typically a good option for patients with thin eyelids.
  • For those people with lots of resistance against the double eyelid creases, are not a perfect candidate for a non-incisional method. Resistance to a double eyelid line is where you make a double eyelid line then you leave it and it falls right back to its normal state.

However, the best way to know whether this procedure is appropriate for you or not is to see a plastic surgeon in Singapore. Here you can read which are some of the best double eyelid clinics in Singapore according to us.

How long does the suture double eyelid surgery take to heal?

You will need two weeks to completely heal of double eyelid suturing procedure. It is mandatory to follow your surgeon's instruction during this time.

After the procedure, as with of any type of intervention, there is an initial 24-48 hours when there is swelling as a response to the trauma. You need to understand that even it is a non-invasive technique it may cause some bruising, swelling and skin sensations. This is because the eyelid skin is very thin, delicate and prone to these complications. To heal better your doctor may recommend you to use cold compresses for 10-15 minutes for the first two days to help circulation and reduce swelling. Also, you might be asked to stop wearing contact lenses during the first two weeks.

However, in most of the patients, the recovery process, downtime and swelling are all shortened and that is one of the benefits of this type of plastic surgery.

Suture method vs. cutting method for double eyelids: What are the differences?

blepharoplasty double eyelid incisional surgery

The main difference between both techniques is that cutting double eyelid surgery involves making incisions on the eyelid and removing fat tissue while suture technique is done through placing sutures without making any incisions. To better understand the differences between both techniques we well look at them separately.

Incisional double eyelid surgery in Singapore

  • This type of double eyelid surgery involves making a full incision along the upper eyelid and removing some excess skin as well as some excess fat. Surgeons recommend the cutting method for patients who have too much eyelid fat.
  • This operation is able to correct ptosis by doing special techniques to tighten the levator muscle (a muscle that is responsible for opening up the eye).
  • The healing may take up to two weeks. Full recovery might be observed after one or two months.
  • In some cases, incisional double eyelid surgery may lead to side effects such as bleeding, infection, dry eyes and so on.
  • Incisional double eyelid surgery usually leaves a scar along the upper eyelid. However, this scar tissue formation heals very nicely because it hides within the fold so it is not noticeable.
  • The results of incisional double eyelid surgery last a lifetime.
  • The incisional double eyelid surgery can be done on almost everyone.

Suturing double eyelid technique in Singapore

  • Suture method is the easier way to get double eyelids. It involves making small punctures on the upper eyelids, placing sutures through those punctures and tightening levator aponeurosis (eyelid elevating muscle) until a fold is formed.
  • Suture technique leaves a subtle difference to the eyelid and gives very natural eyelid crease. It is good for patients who don’t want very dramatic upper double eyelid and who don't have excess skin or fat on their lids.
  • The healing is much quicker compared to cutting double eyelid surgery. Patients normally recover completely within two weeks.
  • There is minimal risk of side effects and complications.
  • Non-incisional double eyelid surgery does not include any incisions so there is no scar formation.
  • The results are not permanent but long-lasting - up to 10 years.

How to take care of your eyes after double eyelid surgery?

asian woman with makeup on eyes

  • After your double eyelid surgery, you might be prescribed antibiotic ointments. Apply them gently on the surgical site by using a cotton swab.
  • Do not touch or rub your eyes!
  • If your eyes are too dry after the surgery you may use artificial tears.
  • You should prevent your eyelids from water for the first seven to ten days until you get permission from your doctor.
  • Do not wear eye make up after your double eyelid surgery. You need to wait until you fully recover. It can be a couple of weeks or a month.
  • Keep your hair away from your eyes during your healing period.

If you have any problems or serious complications contact your doctor as soon as you can.

Final thoughts

Many Asian patients are looking to get double eyelid surgery and improve the appearance of their eyes. It is one of the most desired procedures in Singapore.

If you are also considering eyelid blepharoplasty make sure you book a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. He/she will determine what kind of double eyelid surgery will be best for you - incisional technique or double eyelid suturing. Choosing the right procedure is extremely important if you want to have nice and long-lasting outcomes.

Double eyelid surgery can really make the eyes look larger and more open. And bigger eyes have always been considered more beautiful.

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