How to Get Double Eyelids Without Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is becoming an extremely popular procedure among Asian women who want double eyelids. However, there are some techniques that promise a cheaper and less painful alternative to surgery. The question is: “Are those really effective and long-lasting methods? “

The purpose of eyelid correction is to create eyelid with crease from eyelid without crease. Today, many fashion girls are addicted to a rather extravagant trend - to make double eyelids by themself using an immediate "self-elevator". A lot of young women in Singapore desire to have a crease between the eye and the eyebrows as it is considered more attractive. And instead of paying a lot of money for cosmetic surgery, they buy a box with tape to get the same effect.

If you consider having surgery or getting double eyelids without surgery, the following lines might be useful for you.

What is double eyelid?

Double eyelid is a term that is really exciting to most of the people in Singapore. It is about the peculiarities of the structure of the muscles and skin around the eye. "Double" means a creased eyelid which many Asians do not have. Often, in this case, the skin hangs above the lash line and the eyes look swollen and tearfulness. Why do the eyelids have such a structure and can this cosmetic defect be removed?

People with double eyelids have their upper eyelid skin and then they have a crease that goes back into the lower half of the upper eyelid. Because of that crease, the skin folds back into the eye socket. So when the eyes are closed there is the amount of skin that covers the eyeball. When the eye is open there is excess skin.

People with monolid eyes have it the opposite. They don’t have a crease. When they open their eyes the extra skin goes on top of the eyelashes.

The only sure and long-lasting method for getting double eyelids is plastic surgery.

What is double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure of the eyelids that creates a fold in the upper eyelid. It makes the eyes look more open and larger. This is one of the most common plastic surgery in Singapore. Small eyes and eyes with no folds are a physical characteristic that is not preferred by most of the Asian women. They prefer to get double eyelid surgery to have a more beautiful appearance. The upper crease of the eyelid creates the impression of wide open and expressive eyes. This procedure also makes it easier to apply makeup, such as eye shadow and mascara.

Double eyelid procedure involves the removal of a small amount of skin tissue and fat on the eyelids. The surgical cutting line is hidden behind the folds of the new eyelid. In some cases, this procedure is performed on both the upper and the lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty can be also used for bags under the eyes and droopy eyes (upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty respectively).

There are two surgical methods used to form a crease - incisional and non-incisional. An incision technique will be applicable for patients who have a significant excess of broad lift skin that has to be removed. The other indication for an open or incisional double eyelid surgery is if a patient has ptosis.

Double eyelids without surgery

Is it possible to get double eyelids naturally? A common practice for women without crease is to use different techniques to create double eyelids. In order not to be exposed to blepharoplasty, many beauties choose non-surgical methods to improve their appearance.

Today the most popular of them are double eyelid tape and double eyelid glue.

  • Eyelid tape to cut your crease. It is currently in high demand, therefore, acquiring this is not a problem. Eyelid tapes can be bought from any beauty store. The strip is applied to the part of the eyelid where you want to fold. This will make the skin tighten and the crease will be formed. A common question is can you get permanent double eyelid from tape? The effect of the tape does not last long - literally until the first wash. There is also a chance for the strip to fall off by accident. In addition, the bar may be visible to others. To avoid this, you can mask it with eye shadows.
  • Using eyelid glue to hold up your crease line. This is a more reliable tool - fast drying and retention for several days. The tool is applied by using a thin brush in an even layer on the line where the part should be folded, dividing the eyelid into two parts. Then the skin is pulled back and fixed in this position by using a bobby pin. The glue can be purchased without any difficulty, but you need to use only a special composition designed for this purpose. It does not cause allergies, redness, and it is absolutely safe for the skin.

Can you lose your double eyelids?

As we mentioned, the tape and the glue are just temporary solutions that should be applied daily. The only permanent method for getting double eyelids is incisional surgery. Non-incisional surgery is also a good choice because the results can last up to 10 years.

In rare cases, double eyelid fold may disappear even after a suture technique surgery. It may happen if you have heavy and thick eyelids. It also can be due to poor technique if your surgeon is not trained in this type of procedure. Make sure you choose an experienced and board-certified surgeon.

Some people with double eyelids often when they wake up their eyes turn to monolids and stay that way around 2 weeks. This situation is not that unusual and it comes down to the anatomy of the eye’s muscle attaching to the skin. Lack of fluid can make the eyelid crease deeper. The fluid may be causing stretching or just a natural volume occupation off the upper eyelid that reduces the crease. In other situations, it can be just from allergies, sinuses, or salt intake that can make the eyes puffy and cause that crease to be less obvious.

Make up tips for monolids

Strong brow. The brows are the frame for the eyes and the face. You have to make sure these are nicely groomed. Brush the brows and trim them. That will make them sharper. It will also help to open the space between brows and eyes.

  • Contouring the nose will help you to bring dimension to the face. Apply the contour powder halfway up the eyelid with more emphasis on the lash line and the outer corners. You can also apply the contour powder on the hollows of the cheeks and the jawline.
  • Apply the highlight powder on the center of the eyelid and on the inner corner of the eye to give dimension to the eyes.
  • Monolid eyeliner is quite unique because being monolid you cannot ever do a thin eyeliner. It just doesn’t work. Eyeliner will have to be drawn thicker and be waterproof. Apply eyeliner pen and go all the way up to at least half of the eyelid, no need to be neat. After that apply dark eyeshadow color contour colores to blend the edges of the eyeliner pencil. Avoid using black eyeliner on your bottom waterline. It will smudge and make your eyes look smaller. On the top apply liquid eyeliner. Go for a cat-eye style. It will elongate the eyes, making them look bigger.
  • Fake lashes might be your best friend. Measure the length needed and cut it. Then put you the fake lashes above your natural lashes and curl them up.
  • Add a little bit of mascara to seal your fake and real eyelashes together for a more natural look.

People from all nationalities have their beauty and each of us has its glow. If you do not have double eyelids, it does not mean that you are not beautiful. Also, there is nothing medically wrong with single or double eyelids. These are both normal.

It is a personal choice - to correct your appearance temporarily by using natural ways or permanently by performing surgical procedures. Find the one that works for you.

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