How to Get Rid of Double Eyelid - Can You Reverse Double Eyelid Surgery?

It is typically believed that having double eyelids is an image of beauty, and many people with monolid eyes will undergo an operation to achieve them. The surgery goes by the name Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery. This procedure basically creates a visible crease on the upper lids making the eyes look bigger and more attractive. Although, most people like their new eyelid shape, there are still some patients who are not happy with their double eyelid fold and want to reverse the surgery. But is that actually possible and can you get rid of the double eyelid crease? If you want to find it out, please read this article!

Can you get rid of the double fold after double eyelids surgery?

In case, you had a non-incisional double eyelid suture technique you can easily get rid of your double-creased eyelid fold. Your surgeon can simply reverse the surgery by removing the sutures. In contrast, if you got incisional or cutting upper eyelid surgery you cannot undo it since the results of this type of procedure are permanent. In the course of the incisional technique, your surgeon has eliminated extra skin or fat from your upper eyelids to create the desired folds. This is the reason why incision double eyelid surgery can't be undone.

The non-incisional method creates the double fold by burying a surgical thread that is unbreakable under the skin. If the thread or knot snapped, the double fold also disappears. That means buried thread can be simply removed.

Non-incisional procedure: double eyelid suture correction

Close up view of beautiful brown female eye with double eyelid

By using a non-incisional method, the creation of double-creased eyelids can be performed without the requirement for a skin incision. The technique is also known as the buried suture technique and this is one of the main methods used to create visible eyelid crease. The non-incisional procedure is done through tiny punctures made along the upper eyelid fold. By using some special techniques the surgeon places a very fine suture within the eyelid crease and that’s anchored to the tarsus which is a firm structure within the eyelid. This is done at multiple points in a continuous fashion and this secures the upper eyelid crease. While this type of procedure does not require an incision on the upper eyelid skin, the use of a local anaesthetic is still required. The operation is normally complete in less than an hour and the patient does not need to stay at the hospital. This surgery must be done only by a qualified plastic surgeon.

The non-incisional buried suture technique creates a very natural fold and in rare cases, patients are not happy with the results.

What to do if you are unhappy with your double eyelid surgery?

The most important thing you need to do is return to your eye surgeon. This is the person who worked on your surgery, therefore, is the most familiar with your anatomy, your tissue reactions and of course what happened during your initial operation. In addition, the surgeon is able to advise you on what to do next. During the consultation, make sure to point out exactly what you don't like about your eyelid surgery. Is your crease too high or you just don't like how your eyelids look? The surgeon would like to help you and make you feel comfortable. It is important to have an honest conversation about what the realistic expectations are. Do not rush the revision surgery or you may not receive the result you want.

Here are some reasons why patients might be unhappy with their cosmetic eyelid surgery:

  • This improvement did not meet their expectations.
  • The eyelid crease is not satisfying to the patient.
  • They found it to be not aggressive enough.
  • It seemed too aggressive.
  • There was a change in eyelid shape or appearance such as a droopy eyelid, triple eyelid crease or double eyelid fold asymmetry.
  • Eyelid fold asymmetry after upper eyelid surgery

Double eyelid asymmetry may occur for different reasons. However, it is most often due to a weakening of the muscle that lifts the upper lids (levator muscle). In the surgical transformation of single eyelids to double eyelids, the upper eyelid skin is usually attached to deeper layers of the muscle. However, if one of the muscle folds is weak, then the double lid will appear bigger than the other eyelid.

Treatments for double eyelid asymmetry

close up of eye after blepharoplasty

One of the ways to fix double eyelid asymmetry is by performing ptosis surgery. This is an operation where the levator muscle is tightened by a surgeon. Due to that, the eyelid is raised to the proper position.

Triple eyelids after double eyelid surgery

It is rare, but in some cases, an extra eyelid fold can be formed after a double eyelid surgery procedure. This normally occurs when a large amount of soft tissue is removed in the upper eyelid flap. As a result, the scar tissue may stick to surrounding tissues or become thicker and lead to the presence of an extra crease above the created fold. It is also said that people with a lighter skin tone are more likely to acquire triple eyelids.

How to get rid of triple eyelids?

When it comes to correcting triple eyelids there are a few possible options.

  • Blepharoplasty. If you have triple eyelids, your doctor may perform upper blepharoplasty in order to remove excess skin and lift sagging skin. It is a quick and easy procedure that is usually done on an outpatient basis.
  • Brow lift surgery. By raising the brow and improving symmetry, the brow lift can significantly improve the appearance of sagging and thicker brow skin. This surgical procedure can be performed by itself or in combination with blepharoplasty.
  • Radiofrequency treatment. This is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses energy waves to heat the outer layers of your upper eyelid skin and promote the production of collagen. Radiofrequency treatment can also act as an alternative to surgery or go alone as a non-invasive technique of tightening relaxed upper eyelid skin and sagging eyebrows.

To conclude

No matter what is your goal - you want to create double lids or get rid of them, the most important thing you have to do is finding a good and qualified plastic surgeon. Be sure you are in the hands of a board-certified doctor who is experienced in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

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