What to expect

photo of a woman after double eyelid surgery

  • For a few days, you can expect to look like you just got punched in the eye
  • Don’t expect to comfortably open your eyes until at least a week has passed. You’d find yourself tilting your head up when you try to look straight ahead.
  • Expect more eye shit to form. No idea why this happens. But it does. Clean it out quickly to remain looking fabulous.
  • You’d start to be very careful when you towel dry your eyes or rubbing it cause you’re afraid the sutures might break. After a while, you just get used to it and stop bothering so much.
  • You’d realize how easy and painless this process is and be tempted to do something else.

Best part of all, if you did it correctly, people won’t ever notice you did anything. In fact, I’ve met relatives and friends I haven’t met in a long time and they didn’t suspect surgery! They’d just say you look younger and so much prettier and usually think it’s the makeup or hairstyle or clothes. If you want to keep it secret, remember to read the part about Caucasian vs Asian eyelids here. And if you're looking for such procedure for yourself, find out about the Double Eyelid Surgery from one of the most famous Plastic Surgeon in Singapore.

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